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Knowle and Dorridge Physiotherapy

There are no gimmicks or fancy gadgets, it is hands on assessment and treatment using evidence based principals for the fastest possible recovery. We're focussed on getting you balanced and moving well through stretching, manipulation, massage and muscle re-education.

We won't waste your money or time and keep you coming back for treatment if it's not effective and producing results. That's a promise! We're different and we stand out but why? Our approach is based on strong ergonomics principals and 25 years of experience, the message is simple..... Prevention is better than cure.

A few things you should know about Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy incorporates both modern and ancient manual techniques.

The Romans did it, the Greeks did it, the Indians did it; just about every civilisation developed hands on therapeutic techniques. A highly skilled therapist develops and hones specific manoeuvres and stretches carefully adjusting and accommodating to the contour and shape of the client. The external surface of the body can provide a deep insight into underlying musculoskeletal conditions so sensitive hands are the most valuable tools for a physiotherapist.

  • Trained fingers probe at tight spots and apply pressure and stretch where structures have shortening.
  • Hands are able to warm the tissues and boost circulation.
  • Touch helps to calm sensitive nerve endings and restore movement patterns.

At Knowle and Dorridge Physio we're passionate about the benefits of hands on therapy and so this remains one of the key tools we use.

A Good Physiotherapist should be able to listen carefully and have a genuine interest in helping the client.

That's why at Knowle and Dorridge Physio we insist on allocating a full hour to the initial assessment. Firstly we'll listen carefully to how your symptoms developed then question you about your concerns, provide a diagnosis, propose a treatment plan if appropriate, provide self help advice and provide clear objectives of the proposed intervention.

So whether you're having problems with nerves, muscles, tendons, bones, joints, cartilage or ligaments, our job is to get you back to your normal lifestyle ASAP. For follow ups we provide up to 45 minutes, again this ensures we won't compromise on the quality of the service, our promise is that you won't feel that it's a quick in and out.

An experienced and highly skilled physiotherapist is able to provide a wide range of treatment modalities and can help you chose the one the feels right for you.

Salim Mughal has the following qualifications and memberships:

  • Chartered Physiotherapist (Grad. Dip. Phys)
  • Ergonomics/ Human Factors (MSc)
  • Licentiate in Acupuncture (Lic. Ac.)
  • Member of AACP (The Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists)
  • Member of ACPOHE and recognised as 'Registered' practitioner (The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health & Ergonomics)
  • HPC registered
  • Graduate Member of the Ergonomics Society
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